Executive Director, Diane Bernier |  Email:

Bookkeeper, Dawn Nakroshis | Email:

Client Services Program Director, Denise Portis  |  Email: |   Intake Coordinators:  Gail Claus (mobility), Anita Cisneros (hearing) and Tracy Bowman (veterans)  |  Email:

Community Outreach Director, Cara Gregg |  Email:

Events Coordinator, Debbie Taylor |  Email:

Juniors Program Coordinator, Gayle Bragg  |  Email:

Office Manager, Anita Cisneros  |  Email:

Therapy Dog Program, Beth Mittleman (New Teams) and Fran Glavan (Existing Teams)  – Interest in Becoming a Therapy Team  |  Email:

Training Program Director, Pat Jarvis | Assistant Director, Ann Dunn |  Email:

Puppy Coordinator, Jessie Vollmerhausen  |  Email:

Volunteer Coordinator, Dee Schwarzmann  |  Email:

WebMaster  |  Email: