October 13, 2012 – Self Defense Class to Benefit Fidos For Freedom

Is Your Life Worth More Than One Afternoon Of Your Time?

Can you put a value on your life?!…. In time? In Dollars?…. Is it worth more than JUST ONE AFTERNOON of your time to learn just one thing that could change the outcome of a potentially bad situation?….

This power-packed program is designed to help you “get away”, not necessarily “conquer”. Course content includes defense for attacks from many angles including front and back, wall attacks, and many other situations. Other aspects of the course cover various target points, also called pressure points, on the body to help in slowing down or hindering an attacker. This program is a MUST for anyone looking to enlighten themselves on defensive tactics for everyday confrontational situations – which can occur to ANYONE at ANYTIME – and by investing one afternoon – it could make a difference!

WHEN: Saturday,  October,  13 2012     1:00 to 3:00 PM

WHO: Men & Women, Ages 12 and Older 

WHERE: Fidos For Freedom, Inc. 1200 Sandy Spring Road Laurel, Md 20707 (410) 880-4178

REGISTRATION: $20 Per Person

Please Register By October 1
Cash Or Check Accepted
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