Shopping Online

How can your everyday shopping benefit Fidos For Freedom?

Most of us feel guilty when we shop. We buy a new raincoat because we like the color, and then it never rains. We spend too much money on shoes or a new computer, and end up feeling bad. At, you can buy the items you’ve always wanted– like that CD box set, expensive cologne, or the oversized, coffee-table photography book you’ve had your eyes on, only without the guilt.

Turn your “selfish” acts into generosity by becoming a member of It’s FREE, no invisible costs or tricky obligations. Shop for everyday items at the over 500 stores at the Mall at, like Barnes & Noble, Eddie Bauer, Lands’ End and Up to 26% of each purchase is donated to Your Cause. Even purchasing items on eBay count!

Who hasn’t uttered the words, “I wish there was something I could do to help”? Now you can. Start shopping!

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Shop online from over 350 stores like Barnes & Noble, eBay, Office Max, Gap, 1-800-Flowers, Dell, and more at Buy For! Up to 35% of each purchase will benefit us if you select our organization as your cause of choice. So anytime you buy online, whether you are looking for Office Products, Flowers, Clothes, Electronics, or anything else… Buy For Charity!! You can also save money on your own purchases by using their great Coupons & Specials.